Want Redistricting Reform in PA? Contact Your Legislator – Here’s How


Editor’s Note: The information below was taken in part from the Fair Districts PA website.

Want to see redistricting reform in the Keystone State? It could start with you.

To change the redistricting rules in Pennsylvania, it takes an amendment to the state constitution.  Many states allow citizens to amend the state constitution through a citizen-initiated referendum. In Pennsylvania, a constitutional amendment requires passage in two consecutive legislative sessions followed by passage on a statewide ballot.

Concern over voter disengagement and loss of representation, commitment to accountable government and dislike of costly, disruptive litigation have prompted some of Pennsylvania’s legislators to champion redistricting reform.

Unfortunately, some party leaders on both sides are more interested in continuing to game the system. Both parties have already announced their plans to capture state legislatures through strategic redistricting following the next national census. Redmap 2020 is the Republican reprise of their highly effective Redmap 2010. Advantage 2020, Unrig the Map and the Democratic National Redistricting Committee are the Democratic responses. All are attempts to control the map-drawing process in favor of party power at the expense of voters and local communities. Pennsylvania, as one of the few large remaining swing states, is at the top of target lists for these campaigns.

Our legislators need to hear from constituents who would like to see a more fair and transparent process:

  • A phone call or letter can make a big difference. (Email is not as effective.)

  • Visiting a legislator in person can make an even bigger impact. These visits are easiest to schedule and communicate most strongly if you schedule them in your legislator’s district office. Just call, ask for an appointment and let the staff person know your purpose and who will be joining you in the visit.

Be prepared and share what you learn:

  • To see if your legislator has cosponsored bills we support, click here.

  • To let us know about your planned visit and get more information about your
    legislator’s positions, click here.

  • To share a report of a legislative visit or other conversation, click here.

NOT SURE WHO YOUR LEGISLATOR IS? It’s quick and easy to find out.

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