Want to End Gerrymandering in PA? Write Your Reps


Want to change the way political maps are drawn in Pennsylvania? Do you believe that voters should choose their politicians – not the other way around? The change starts with you.

Pennsylvanians for Fair Elections and Fair Districts PA (a nonprofit coalition of which we are a member) encourage you to write a letter to your representatives to let them know this is an issue of importance to you.

Not sure who your reps are? No worries – you can find out that information online.

Not sure what to say? Here are some tips:

* Provide something personal: an anecdote or  illustration that helps explain and demonstrate the importance of the issue.

* Make a specific recommendation or request for action.

* Be sure to summarize your argument in one strong final paragraph.

*  Provide name, address, phone and e-mail contact information at the bottom of the piece, so your representative can contact you for follow-up or confirmation.

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