Report: PA Electoral System Among Nation’s Worst


A recent study has found what many voting advocates have long known: Pennsylvania’s electoral system is among the worst in the United States.

According to the study by the Electoral Integrity Project, Pennsylvania was tied for 45th place—making the Keystone State’s the fifth-worst in the nation.

Here’s an excerpt from a Philly Voice story about the matter:

Researchers were critical of a variety of Pennsylvania’s voting procedures, but the worst part of the state’s system was put in place long before Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton officially declared their candidacies for president.

The Keystone State’s district boundaries, which were last redrawn up in 2010, severely impacted the integrity of the election. Experts gave the state a score of 11 out of the 100. Only Ohio, Wisconsin and North Carolina had worse grades. The shapes of the districts were found to favor incumbents and discriminated against certain parties.

The study, which ranked Vermont as having the best electoral system in the country, is available on the Electoral Integrity Project’s website—and is worth the read.

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