Ohio Rep. Violated Ohio Constitution by Serving Dual Public Offices


Ohio 50th District State Rep. Christina Hagan (R-Alliance) has belatedly resigned as a member of the presidential Electoral College. The Electoral College was slated to meet at noon on Dec. 19, in the state capitol in Columbus.

Hagan was facing a complaint and motion for a temporary restraining order before Judge John Haas of Canton, showing that Hagan, by serving as both a member of Ohio’s General Assembly and presidential elector, was violating Article II, Section 4 of the Ohio Constitution. Her vote would have been illegal.

Lead counsel for Plaintiffs Deborah L. Cain and Andrew J. DiLiddo, Hagan’s constituents, said, “This is a victory for Ohioans who believe in integrity in

government. Rep. Hagan should have never put herself in this position, and may well have vacated her office under the Ohio Revised Code for having done so. It’s not surprising that Donald Trump and his campaign would have abetted such unconstitutional behavior, and the behavior is consistent with Rep. Hagan’s prior disregard for the U.S. Constitution.

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