Watchdogs: We’re Keeping an Eye on Trump’s Conflicts of Interest


Editor’s Note: We wanted to pass along this message from good-government nonprofit Common Cause.

President-elect Donald Trump’s extensive and far-flung business interests make him unique in the history of the American presidency. Common Cause, a watchdog on behalf of open, honest and accountable government since our founding 46 years ago, is committed to keeping a close eye on how Mr. Trump and his administration answer the ethical questions raised by his awesome new responsibilities. Here’s a sampling of our commentary so far:

“He has campaigned on a platform of getting rid of corruption and that Washington is broken and we need new, refreshing change. As President, the American public expects that Mr. Trump will be held to a higher standard.” – Common Cause President Karen Hobert Flynn in The New York Times (Donald Trump’s Far-Flung Holdings Raise Potential for Conflicts of Interest; 11/14/16)

“Having your children run your business is not a blind trust no matter what his attorneys choose to call it. And having those same children involved in the transition only compounds the conflict.” – Common Cause President Karen Hobert Flynn in The Washington Post (Donald Trump’s questionable ‘blind trust’ setup just got more questionable; 11/11/2016)

“If he doesn’t address this problem, every single decision he makes will be questioned as a conflict of interest. President-elect Trump campaigned against corruption, and America deserves his making good on that promise and cleaning up government.” – Common Cause Vice President for Policy & Litigation Paul S. Ryan in Politico (Watchdogs question Trump’s plans to keep his empire in the family; 11/11/2016)

“It certainly veers drastically from the campaign rhetoric. It’s business as usual in Washington. He’s gathering the same old guard around him. It hardly rings of change.” – Common Cause National Media Strategist David Vance in The Star Ledger (Lobbyists and big donors reviled by Trump in campaign join transition; 11/12/2016)

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