It’s Election Day! Here’s What You Need to Know Before Heading to the Polls


Good morning! It’s here: Election Day! If you’re registered to vote in this election (and we hope you all are), here is some need-to-know information:

When can I vote? In Pennsylvania, polls open at 7 a.m. and close at 8 p.m.

Where do I vote? If you aren’t sure where your polling place is, click here and enter your information.

I am registered to vote, but will not be able to make it to the polls. Can I still cast a ballot? Unfortunately, not this close to the election. In the Keystone State, an application for an emergency absentee ballot (for voters dealing with unexpected sickness or disability) no later than by 5 p.m. the Friday prior to the election.

Do I need photo identification to vote? No. Pennsylvania’s voter ID law was deemed unconstitutional. However, if you are a first-time voter, you must present identification in order to vote. For more information on that, click here.

What is a provisional ballot and why might I need one? A provisional ballot is used to record a vote when there is some question regarding a voter’s eligibility. Voters who believe they are properly registered but do not appear on the poll book, first-time voters who do not have proper identification, and voters who are told by election officials that they are not eligible to vote should ask to cast a provisional ballot.

There has been a lot said about voter intimidation in this election. Where do I file an election-related complaint? Most of the issues voters have may be resolved by speaking with the judge of elections at your polling place. Before heading to the polls, know your rights. Gov. Tom Wolf posted this blog that outlines exactly what rights and protections voters have in Pennsylvania. Please know: If you have a complaint about the regulation of Election Day activities, you can submit it online.


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