Concerned About Voter Fraud? Info You Can Use


The subject of voter fraud—and whether or not it appears in our election system—has made the rounds in the news, and during the nation’s most recent presidential debate.

Wondering what the truth is?

The Brennan Center, a nonpartisan, nonprofit—recently posted some informative memos regarding the matter.

President Michael Waldman and other experts from the Brennan Center for Justice at NYU School of Law — who have studied voter fraud allegations and election issues for more than a decade — recently released the following:

  • Debunking the Voter Fraud Myth. There is no basis to the claims of widespread fraud or rigged election outcomes. Fraud by voters at the polls is vanishingly rare. Every major study, investigation, and court decision has found little evidence of fraud — and substantial evidence of disenfranchisement. Instead, these claims are used to push restrictive laws that block legitimate voters.
  • The Dangers of “Ballot Security” Operations and Voter Intimidation. Every eligible citizen has the right to vote free of intimidation and discrimination — regardless of political affiliation, race, disability, sexual orientation, or gender. Deploying non-official, private actors to challenge voters’ eligibility can lead to illegal intimidation, discrimination, or disruptions, and undermine confidence in our election system. This analysis outlines the threat, explains what is and is not allowed under the law, and highlights what can be done to protect against harmful activity in November.

See more of the Brennan Center’s Election 2016 Controversies resources.

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