Expert: Election Rigging Theory “Literally Insane”


The national spotlight has been thrust recently on the subject of election integrity. As one presidential candidate expounds on his theory that the election will be rigged in his opponent’s favor, fair elections advocates have said outcry isn’t warranted.

In fact, in an op-ed published in Slate, one fair election expert said that a candidate trying to run away with the election by way of voter fraud would be “literally insane.”

In the piece, even the Keystone State was mentioned.

Here’s an excerpt of what the expert, Rick Hasen, wrote:

The truth is, though, that not only does zero evidence exist that this sort of fraud has taken place on any regular basis, but multiple voting simply cannot happen in any practical sense on a scale to influence a presidential election. To vote five, 10, or 15 times one would have to either register five, 10, or 15 times in different jurisdictions or with false names or go five, 10, or 15 times to polling places claiming to be someone else whose name is on the voter rolls, in the hopes that this person has not already voted and you would not get caught. And to do this on a scale for a presidential election, in a place such as Pennsylvania with millions of voters, you would need to pay tens of thousands of people, all without any way of verifying how they voted. What a stupid way to try to steal an election!

The entire piece can be read on Slate’s website.

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