SEC Secret Money Rider Included in Spending Bill


Corporate shareholders have a right to know how managers are spending their money, especially when it comes to political contributions. And voters have a right to know who is influencing their democracy.

So says good-government non-profit Common Cause.

Here is a statement regarding an SEC secret money rider included in the spending bill:

Sen. Mitch McConnell is the obstacle to Americans knowing more about who is buying influence, access, and power in our government. By using must-pass legislation, like funding bills, to prohibit the SEC from even discussing requiring disclosure of corporate political contributions, he personifies the worst in politics – by protecting the interests of wealthy special interests over the people.

While we applaud the inclusion of disaster relief funds for those who desperately need them, we strongly condemn the irresponsible brinksmanship and the forced compromises required when working outside of normal legislative process, all just to keep voters in the dark about corporate political spending. Voters must choose candidates committed to reform, regardless of party, and can learn more about where congressional candidates stand on these democracy reforms at

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