Editorial of Note: Let Independents Vote in PA Primary Elections


In case you missed it, we wanted to bring your attention to a recent editorial in the York Dispatch that dealt with independents, political discourse, and Pennsylvania’s closed primary elections.

The editorial board is imploring independents to flex their so-called political muscle and demand a seat at the table when it comes to primary elections.

Here’s an excerpt from the editorial (which we recommend you read in full):

Allowing independents to vote in our state’s primary would likely give moderate voices a better opportunity to win political office. That, in turn, may turn down the volume on our acrimonious political discourse.

Maybe, just maybe, we’ll finally get some more folks in office who value nation over party.

Pennsylvania’s independent voice is growing stronger. Now it’s time for the independents to flex that muscle. Call or write your legislators and tell them it’s time to open up our primary system to all voters, regardless of party.

It’s a change that could help the sensible middle tame some of the divisiveness that rules our political experience today.

The entire editorial is available online.

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