Want Redistricting Reform in PA? Here’s What You Can Do NOW

art for fair districts

Editor’s Note: Today we are featuring a blog post that originally appeared on the Fair Districts Pa website. Pennsylvanians for Fair Elections is a proud member of the coalition, whose goal is to help reform the way political maps are drawn in the Keystone State. Simply put: The process, as it stands, allows politicians to choose their voters instead of the other way around. Find out more about Fair Districts PA at its website. You can also follow the coalition on Facebook.

Abraham Lincoln said “America will never be destroyed from the outside. If we falter and lose our freedoms, it will be because we destroyed ourselves.”

Public concern about our American democracy has never been stronger, with an unprecedented amount of dark money flooding into elections to sway voters and capture the legislative process.

Gerrymandering of electoral districts is an essential part of capturing the process, shutting out competition and shielding legislators from the will of their voters.

In his last public interview before leaving office, President Ronald Reagan called gerrymandering “the greatest single blot on the integrity of our electoral system.” President Jimmy Carter has repeatedly expressed concern about “the excessive gerrymandering of legislative districts.”

Many Pennsylvania citizens who have signed our petition in support of redistricting reform agree. Here are just a few of their comments:

  • The system is broken. The present system allows elected officials to not be concerned about their constituents because the district has been gerrimandered to assure their reelection irrespective of their activity or lack of activity

  • There can be no fair elections until there are fair legislative districts!

  • Stacking the deck in your favor is cheating almost every voter of their vote.

  • Fair districts are essential for democracy.

  • A free and democratic nation (or state) must have fair and equitable voting districts. All districts must be reasonably equal in population, contiguous, and compact, and allow for the fair representation of all points of view. Our democracy is eroded and undermined to the degree in which these principles are subverted.

  • Democracy cannot thrive in an environment of mistrust and injustice.

  • Gerrymandering is THE biggest problem with government today. It has lead to hyperpartisanship and governmental gridlock. It it responsible for reasonable people being primaried out of office and MUST be stopped.

  • Our elections are too important to be left to the cutthroat political players who use data to stack districts that will protect their party and diminish the effect of voters in the opposing party. Better to have a system that works to create fair, compact legislative districts so that our representatives can effectively serve their constituents.

  • Independent redistricting is the only fair way.

  • We want to pick representatives, not have representatives pick their voters.

Moved to take action? Sign the petition and make a small donation to help Fair Districts PA inform and educate voters.

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