FBI Probe of Governor Over Campaign Finance Underscores Need for Reform


The FBI is investigating the governor of Virginia for alleged campaign finance violations, multiple news agencies have reported.

According to CNN.com, Virginia Democratic Gov. Terry McAuliffe being investigating ongoing by the FBI, as well as and prosecutors from the Justice Department’s public integrity unit.

The news has advocacy groups renewing their call for campaign finance reform.

Common Cause was one of them.

Here’s what Karen Hobert Flynn, senior vice president for strategy and programs had to say:

“Like everyone who is the subject of a criminal investigation, Gov. McAuliffe carries the presumption of innocence. That said, we saw in the case of former Gov. Bob McDonnell how Virginia’s anything-goes gift and campaign finance laws practically invite corruption. As they prepare to choose a new governor in 2017, Virginians should insist that candidates make campaign finance reform, including limits on contributions from individuals and political committees, a ban on direct donations by corporations and unions, and adoption of a small-dollar donor based public financing system, their top priority.”

More news coverage of the investigation can be found online.

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