Redistricting News Roundup: What Happened in April


We get it: There is a ton of news out there about the subject of redistricting reform.

There’s news from Pennsylvania, North Carolina and Wisconsin. There are new headlines and seemingly new lawsuits everyday regarding the way political maps are drawn – and it can get a little confusing.

 So before we get too far into the marvelous month of May, we wanted to pass along a link to the Brennan Center’s recently published redistricting roundup for April.

In this month’s edition are updates about court cases including:

  • Evenwel v. Abbott (the “one person, one vote” challenge out of Texas)
  • Harris v. Arizona Independent Redistricting Commission (out of Arizona)
  • Whitford v. Nichol (a case out of Wisconsin)

 Also included in the Brennan Center report? Additional easy-to-read case recaps and news items about redistricting from across the country.

As you know, Fair Districts PA (of which Pennsylvanians for Fair Elections in Pittsburgh a member) is fighting for redistricting reform here in Pennsylvania – please join us, and sign our petition.

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