Editorial: Gerrymandering to Blame for Political Sleepwalking in PA


Yet another editorial from a Pennsylvania newspaper is calling for a change in the way congressional and Legislative political district maps are drawn in the Keystone State.

This time, the Scranton Times-Tribune offered up a piece about the current state of the U.S. Supreme Court, and several recent actions it took to discourage policies that gave an advantage to partisan politics.

The editorial then asked if Pennsylvania would take action to improve the way redistricting is handled, or if the state would essentially be forced into making the process more fair and transparent.

The newspaper’s editorial board wrote

“Pennsylvania is one of the most egregiously gerrymandered states. Given the trend in the Supreme Court, the question is whether state lawmakers will do the right thing and end the practice through nonpartisan redistricting, or wait for an inevitable challenge and let the Supreme Court shame them into doing so.”

Pennsylvanians for Fair Elections encourages Pennsylvania residents NOT to wait for redistricting reform, and instead take action.

And you don’t have to: Please stand with Fair Districts PA, Pennsylvanians for Fair Elections- and a bipartisan group of legislators – in support of two bills that would create an impartial redistricting commission that would ensure that voters choose their politicians instead of allowing politicians to choose their voters.

Sign our petition here.

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