New at Pew: Interactive State Online Registration Systems


Many states, including Pennsylvania, have moved to an online voter registration system. Supporters laud the advantages of such systems: they can help save tax dollars, they can help increase voter roll accuracy, and perhaps most importantly, helps provide a more hassle-free way for Americans to register or update their registrations.

But how are those online systems performing? Now The Pew Charitable Trusts has a new interactive tool to keep track – one that monitors and surveys states that implement or continue to offer online voter registration.


According to Pew, the responses indicate that online registration holds up as a being:

  • cost-effective for states
  • easy for voters
  • and more accurate than paper forms.

But there’s more. According to the nonprofit, online voter registration systems :

  • are more secure
  • reduce potential for fraud by verifying voters’ identities and eligibility.
  • tracks what states offer online registration
  • summarizes survey findings across five topics: legislation, development, features, access and processing.

Want to check it out? The tool may be accessed here. Want to learn more about online voter registration systems in general? No worries – here’s a resource you might want to check out first.

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