Want Campaign Finance Info on POTUS Candidates? Just Google It


As the race to the White House continues, Google just made it easier for voters to glean information about the various candidates on both sides of the aisle.

The company rolled out new features to help users track primary election results and obtain information on candidates’ stances on various policy issues of interest.

But this week, Google added another tool for users: Now they can easily see who is funding what candidate’s campaign – and what percentage of money is being derived by Super PACs vs. what is raised through personal donations.

Here’s how Google explained the new feature on its blog:

Finding information on campaign funding can be difficult, if not seemingly impossible. Today, working with one of the most respected data sources in the industry, the Center for Responsive Politics, we’re making presidential campaign finance information easy to access and understand, right from Google Search. So when you search for donald trump or clinton campaign finance, you’ll see a snapshot of their campaigns’ finance breakdown and be able to dig into interesting insights, like the percentage of funds coming from SuperPACs versus individual donations, or which industries have donated the most to a given candidate.

Check it out!

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