DEADLINE REMINDER: What You Need to Know if you Want to Vote in PA’s Primary


Pennsylvania voters and prospective voters: Pennsylvanians for Fair Elections wanted to remind you that the deadline to register to vote in Pennsylvania is less than two weeks away.

In Pennsylvania, any voter who wishes to cast a ballot must register to do so 30 days prior to an election.

Here’s what you need to know if you want to vote:

WHAT: The Pennsylvania primary election.

WHEN: The Pennsylvanian primary election will take place April 26. That means that if you want to vote in the election, the deadline to register to vote in Pennsylvania is March 28.

WHO: Pennsylvania primaries are closed. That means that Democrats must vote for Democrats and Republicans must vote for Republicans. Voters who are registered Independents may not participate. This means that if you are a Democrat and want to vote for a Republican, or if you are a Republican and want to vote for a Democrat, you must change your registration. If you are an Independent and want to vote for either a Democrat or a Republican, you have to change your affiliation.

HOW: As you might have heard, online voter registration is now available to prospective voters in Pennsylvania. If you need to register, change your registration or confirm it, click here. You can also register in person and via mail. Under certain circumstances, eligible voters may also request and complete an absentee ballot. For information on those options, click here.

Editor’s Note: If you’re registered but aren’t sure where your polling place is, you can check that out here.


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