New Book Explains Importance of Voting to Teens


As the 2016 presidential election continues, there is a new book out that helps kids better understand the electoral process and why their participation is key to a functional democracy.

The book, titled, “The Importance of Voting: The Power of Your Voice, from Student Elections to the Supreme Court,” was written by Thomas A. Jacobs, J.D. and Natalie C. Jacobs, J.D. and was published by Free Spirit Publishing.

Here’s a summary of the paperback – appropriate for children ages 15 and older – from the publisher:

“Encourage teens to recognize the importance of voting and making their voices heard in the democratic process with this timely book focused on Supreme Court decisions that came down to a single vote. Chapters examine key Supreme Court rulings and explore how these cases have affected the lives and rights of U.S. citizens—especially teens. Using a straightforward, impartial tone, the authors take a close look at often controversial cases and at the history of voting in the United States. The emphasis is involvement in local and national elections as well as other ways to be an engaged citizen. With an accompanying digital discussion guide, the book is a perfect choice for teachers and youth leaders to offer teens in the upcoming 2016 presidential election cycle.”

The book has also elicited some editorial praise.

Rob Richie, the executive director of the nonprofit, nonpartisan good-government group Fair Vote said of the book:

“We are in urgent need of effective civic education, and Every Vote Matters is an excellent contribution that deserves wide readership.”

Publishers Weekly also lauded the write up:

“Clear explanations, relevant supplemental cases, reader-directed questions, and suggested resources help make the legal issues at play relevant and readily accessible. . . . A fascinating window into recent U.S. legal history.

You can order it here.

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