Almost 70% of Ad Dollars Spent So Far in 2016 Race to White House from Outside Groups


A new report from indicates that about 70 percent of the nearly $150 million spent so far in the 2016 race for the White House has come from outside groups.

But the report, which utilized information gathered by SMG Delta, also said that percentage was largely skewed by the amount of cash spent on behalf of the Republican candidates.

Here’s an excerpt:

“83 percent of the Republican ad dollars, especially in early states like Iowa and New Hampshire, have come from Super PACs and other outside groups, versus just a mere 2 percent from Democrats.”

Here’s some further analysis from the story:

One of the biggest reasons for that difference has been the pro-Jeb Bush Super PAC, Right to Rise – the biggest advertiser in the 2016 race – which has spent more than $50 million on TV ads, while the Bush campaign itself has spent just more than $2 million. That’s almost a 25-to-1 ratio.

Worth pointing out: Campaigns get discounted ad rates from TV stations, which mean that outside groups typically have to spend more – sometimes four times as much – to air the same television ad.

The entire story is worth a read – check it out here.check it out here.

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