EAC, FVAP Write USPS, Says it Must Do Better with Mail-in Ballots

The Election Assistance Commission and Department of Defense’s Federal Voting Assistance Program wrote a letter to the United States Postal Service recently to offer its assistance to “better engage state and local election officials regarding the challenges surrounding postal voting.”
In the letter, representatives for the two agencies wrote:

Voting by mail has become an essential element of voting in America, especially for those voters away from home like our military and overseas voters.

In the last presidential election, almost six and a half million voters used
the mail to cast their ballots.
As the reliance on mail ballots increases, election officials’ need for reliable distribution and processing of those ballots increases.
Ohio could not count approximately 900 absentee ballots due to a lack of a post mark/cancellation. More and more election jurisdictions are reporting these kinds of challenges with postal ballots.

The agencies said concerns have surfaced over issued related to:

  • Ballot delivery
  • Ballot return
  • Postmarking

The bottom line?

“For voters across the country, no piece of mail is more important that their ballot. Many service members and their families stationed across the world rely on the postal service to ensure their ballot is delivered in time to have their vote counted. We think you will agree that we can – and must – do better.”




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