New Petition Demands Obama Take Action on Campaign Finance Reform

A reform group composed of more than a dozen nonprofit fair-elections advocacy organizations is asking one question to President Obama:

“Will you fight secret money, or let your money-in-politics legacy be a failure?”

The question accompanies a petition asking the president to take action of campaign finance reform before his term in office ends.

The petition, at, reads:

President Obama: In the nearly 6 years since Citizens United, super PACs and undisclosed money have come to dominate elections.

You have tools at your disposal to fight this influx of secret money into politics.

But you have done nothing.

You must act now or be remembered as the president whose inaction aided the rise of secret money politics.

We demand that before your State of the Union address, you issue an executive order requiring federal contractors to disclose their political spending within 24 hours of it happening, taking effect before July 4, 2016.

We also demand that you immediately call on the leaders you appointed to the SEC, IRS, and FCC to use their authority to unmask secret political donors, and fill all 5 FEC openings with nominees who will enforce the law.

Thousands have already signed the petition, which is backed by high-profile groups fair elections groups such as Common Cause and People for the American Way.

The number of signatures needed to force Obama to respond is 100,000.

To sign your name to the petition, click here.

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