Problem at the Polls? Common Cause PA, Lawyers’ Committee Offer Free Election Help to Voters


Common Cause Pennsylvania has again teamed up with the Lawyers’ Committee for Civil Rights to offer Election Day protection services for voters throughout the state.

The pair of nonprofits are offering their help to “ensure that all Pennsylvania voters enjoy a smooth voting process at the polls, and provide assistance to those who may experience problems.”

Voters can get assistance with:

  • locating their official polling place
  • verifying they are officially registered
  • reminding poll workers to check “supplemental poll books” if their name isn’t on the roll
  • getting help if they are improperly turned away from their polling place
  • obtaining an emergency ballot
  • securing a provisional ballot
  • alerting election officials of polls that opened late or close early
  • alerting election officials of voting machines malfunctioning
  • alerting election officials if voter suppression or intimidation activities are occurring

These services are being provided free – and voters who need assistance are urged to call:

And just as a reminder, the polls are open on Election Day (today, Nov. 3) from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.

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