PA Lawmakers Pushing for Same-Day Voter Registration

voting booth

Pennsylvania state Rep. Ryan A. Bizzaro has introduced legislation that would allow for same-day voter registration.

Bizzaro, a Democrat who serves Erie County, introduced the legislation May 31. On June 1, he and another lawmaker held a press conference at the Capitol urging for the bill’s passing.

Here’s what Bizzaro wrote in his co-sponsorship memo:

Same-day registration allows any qualified resident of the state to go to the polls or an election official’s office on Election Day, register to vote that day, and then vote. Proponents of same-day registration note that benefits include increased voter turnout, greater access for lower-income, young, and minority voters, and improved accuracy voter rolls.  Critics of same day registration often claim that it increases the potential for voter fraud.  However, in the years since the aforementioned states instituted same-day voter registration, there has not been one documented incident of voter fraud as a result of same-day voter registration.

Currently, twelve states- California, Colorado, Connecticut, Idaho, Illinois, Iowa, Maine, Minnesota, Montana, New Hampshire, Wisconsin, and Wyoming- and the District of Columbia offer same-day registration. In 2016, same-day voter registration will be in effect in Maryland and Utah.  We believe it is time that Pennsylvania give its qualified electors a convenient option that creates additional access to the ballot while improving voter turnout.

Want to support the bill? Contact your state representative and urge them to support House Bill 13 (a co-sponsorship memo has been circulating since December).

Don’t know who your state representative is? No worries. You can find out here.

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