PA Magisterial Candidate Criticized for Campaign Obfuscation

A candidate running for district magistrate in Hampton – a suburb of Pittsburgh – is being accused of “campaign obfuscation” by Republican and pro-gun leaders.

The accusation against Michael McMullen, 44, who has cross-filed for the Hampton magisterial seat, stem from endorsements that were rescinded, yet still appeared on campaign literature, according to a story published this week in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette newspaper.

The Post-Gazette noted that McMullen in 2014 was charged with a misdemeanor count of an election code violation, which was reduced to a summary violation in magisterial court.

That charge stemmed from a May 2013 incident.

Here’s what the PG’s Rich Lord reported:

In a criminal complaint, Allegheny County Police Detective Steven Dish wrote that in May 2013 Mr. McMullen sent out robocalls in such a way that recipients thought they came from Mr. Kress. As a result, according to the complaint, Mr. Kress got calls “from numerous people asking him why he had called them with an automated recording.”

Want to read the entire story? Click here.

Interested to read the entire Pennsylvania Election Code? Click here.

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