New Paper: How to Prevent Mistakes at the Polls on Election Day

The University of Kentucky’s Joshua A. Douglas has published a draft recently regarding mistakes made at the polls on election day – and how to prevent them.

The 48-page paper, titled, “A Checklist Manifesto for Election Day: How to Prevent Errors at the polls.
At bottom, the paper asks: Can a simple checklist help save election administration officials headaches and errors the day people go en mass to cast their ballots?
Because the author acknowledges: Mistakes happen. And they happen at the polls – on Election Day.
Here’s an excerpt:
Mistakes happen – especially at the polls on Election Day. To fix this complex problem inherent in election administration, this Article proposes the use of simple checklists. Errors occur in every election, yet many of them are avoidable. Poll workers should have easy-to-use tools to help them on Election Day as they handle throngs of voters. Checklists can assist poll workers in pausing during a complex process to avoid errors. This is a simple idea with a big payoff: fewer lost votes, shorter lines at the polls, a reduction in post-election litigation, and smoother election administration. Further, unlike many other suggested election reforms, this idea is likely to gain traction and see actual implementation. That is because the idea is “non-legal” in nature, in that it comes from the private sector and is achievable outside of the political process. Given the structural impediments to legislative or judicial change, non-legal solutions such as the use of checklists are the way forward in election reform.
Want to check out the whole thing? You can view and download it now by clicking here.

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