How Prominent Is Voter Fraud? RNC Official Says Not Very

A prominent Republican National Convention data official recently cast doubt that voter fraud is a problem in the United States, indicating that he believed the number was around 1 percent.

Here’s an excerpt from a story on the matter from TMP:

At a panel of RNC officials Friday at the First In The Nation Republican Leadership Summit in New Hampshire, RNC Chief Data Officer Jesse Kamzol responded to a question about voter fraud ambiguously saying “it’s only about 1 percent.” That number was in response to a question by an attendee at the event asking if the RNC “had looked at voter fraud data.”

Conservatives have warned about widespread voter fraud diluting the power of legitimate votes and swinging elections in favor of Democrats. Those claims have served as the core rationale for voter identification laws, even in the face of studies (flagged by TPM) showing that voter fraud, especially in person voter identification fraud, is extremely rare. The same claims have been used to justify other voting restrictions, like early voting and same day registration.

A simple Google search of the matter will show that the idea that voter fraud exists, and whether it affects elections is a polarizing issue. Some say it’s as rare as a UFO sighting. Others say there is proof that it is widespread.

In Pennsylvania, though, there have been several stories about voter fraud in the past year.

Just this past January, the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review reported that as many as 731 Pennsylvania voters may have cast two ballots in recent elections, and quoted the secretary of state as saying that “there’s potential voter fraud in Pennsylvania.”

In February, for example, a Philadelphia Election board worker was charged with voter fraud for allegedly attempting to tamper with voting machines, among other things.

The Pennsylvania Independent also reports that first-term state Rep. Jason Ortitay, a Republican serving portions of Washington and Allegheny counties, is facing an investigation by the state attorney general over allegations of voter fraud.

In 2013, two Democratic officials from Fayette County were also charged with voter fraud, according to a story in PennLive.

So we ask you: Do you think voter fraud is a problem in Pennsylvania? In the United States?

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