On Voting Rights: Three Scholarly Articles You Need to Read

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The recently released William & Mary Bill of Rights Journal includes three voting-rights related articles that you need to read.

Here’s what you need to know:

1. “The Right to Vote: Is the Amendment Game Worth the Candle?” by Heather K. Gerken. Here is an excerpt:

“It’s difficult to develop a robust case law when you only know what you can’t do. For this reason, several academics and reformers have proposed amending the Constitution to include a right to vote. They argue that a constitutional amendment would produce any number of progressive goodies, including an end to partisan gerrymandering, strict policing of burdens placed on the right to vote, and a expansion of the franchise.

Count me as skeptical…”

2. “Three Questions for the “Right to Vote” Amendment” by Richard Briffault. Here are the three questions:

– What would a right-to-vote amendment say?

– Why have a right-to-vote amendment?

– How would a right-to-vote amendment affect some of the most pressing current voting issues?

3. “Democratic Capital: A Voting Rights Surge in Washington Could Strengthen the Constitution for Everyone” by Jamin Raskin.

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