Brennan Center Releases 2015 Voting Laws Roundup


As America prepares for a 2016 presidential election year, the Brennan Center has released a list of voting laws expected to be pushed this year in anticipation.

The nonprofit recently released its 2015 Voting Laws Roundup, which can be accessed by clicking here.

Here are two basic takeaways:

  • Increased single-party control in state capitals has accompanied a renewed push for voting restrictions.
  • Yet, there is continued momentum around reforms to improve access to the polls.

Some other highlights? How about these statistics:

  • So far this year, at least 40 restrictive bills were introduced or carried over from 2014 in 17 states.
  • At least 195 expansive bills that would increase access to voting were introduced and/or carried over from 2014 in 25 states (plus D.C.).
  • At least 13 states have introduced bills requiring voters to show photo ID at the polls, making existing voter ID laws more restrictive, or making voters face additional demands in demonstrating their identity.
  • At least three states have introduced bills that would reduce access to absentee ballots.

Stay tuned!

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