Five Election-Related Blogs to Follow This Year

If you’re interested in election and election-reform issues and looking for some blogs to follow, here are five we at Pennsylvanians for Fair Elections recommend:

1. Election Law Blog – The blog is published by Rick Hasen and published daily. Topics include election law, campaign finance law, redistricting news and more.

2. Equal Vote – The blog is written by Dan Tokaji, and is published by the Mortiz College of Law at The Ohio State University.

3. Election Line – This is a nonpartisan, non-advocacy clearinghouse for election reform news and information. It was founded in 2001 by Doug Chapin and supported by a grant to the University of Richmond from The Pew Charitable Trusts.

4. Votelaw – This blog, written by Edward Still, describes itself being at the intersection of law and politics. It covers such subjects as redistricting, campaign finance and more.

5. The Campaign Legal Center Blog – The nonprofit’s blog centers on election and media law

Have any other suggestions? Leave us a comment!

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