The More You Know: Proposed PA Bill Would Allow for Early Voting

This week, we wanted to make you aware of various pieces of election-related legislation that has just been sitting in committee.

One of these bills, SB 1152, was introduced in 2013 by Sen. Daylin Leach.

Senate Bill 1152 deals with early voting.

More specifically, the bill would provide for polling places to be open across the commonwealth for the two weeks prior to Election Day. No excuse would be required to vote early and the polling places would be public, centrally located and well published, just as they are on Election Day.

In his co-sponsorship memo, Leach said:

“My bill is modeled on Florida’s successful early voting provisions, in place for the 2008 election cycle. Early voting sites would be open 8 hours every week day and a total of 8 hours every weekend in the two weeks leading up to election day. No one who votes early would be allowed to vote on Election Day, just as absentee voters are barred from voting on Election Day, and results of early voting would not be tabulated until after polls close on Election Day to prevent early returns from influencing later voting.”

The lack of early voting was one of several reasons Pennsylvania got poor marks in a recent study regarding access to the polls. To read more that Common Cause report, click here.

If you want to see SB 1152 go to the full Senate for consideration, write to your state senator and ask them to support it. Don’t know who your senator is? Click here.

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