The More You Know: Proposed PA Bill Would Allow Online Voter Registration


This week we want to let you know about some election-reform bills that are languishing in the state Legislature.

One of them is Senate Bill 37, which was introduced last year by Sen. Lloyd Smucker, a Republican serving Lancaster County, amends Title 25 of the Pennsylvania Consolidated Statutes that deal with voter registration.

SB 37 would provide for, among other things, electronic voter registration.

Proponents of the bill believe that the legislation say it would reduce state and county costs associated with processing voter registration forms, strengthen the security of the registration data and make the registration process more efficient.

Smucker also said he believes the measure would ensure greater poll book accuracy and expand options for voters, allowing them to register to vote from their homes or office computers 24 hours a day up until seconds before the registration deadline.

Previous co-sponsors of this legislation include the following senators: Gordner, Baker, Erickson, Alloway, M. White Schwank, Rafferty, Washington, Earll, Waugh, Costa, Pileggi, Brubaker, Ferlo, Farnese, and Boscola.

The bill was referred to committee in April of 2013.

Want to see online voter registration in Pennsylvania and think Senate Bill 37 should move out of committee and to the full Senate for consideration? Contact your state Senator and ask him to support SB 37. Don’t know who your senator is? Click here.

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