American Voting Preferences Says Voting Booths are Going Out of Style

Voting booths are so passe.

Or so says new analysis by the Data Freaks over at Forbes out of Utah.

In a recent story published on Forbes, a report found that 21 percent of voters prefer voting by mail and 20 percent prefer voting via the Internet.

The author adds:

These voter attitudes, coupled with no assurance of federal funds to update voting equipment, make in-person voting seem like an endangered species and a shift to Internet voting seem like an inevitable reality.

Also of interest? This tidbit:

We found that voters generally prefer the mode of voting they used in 2014. In other words, it’s no surprise that different people like different things so maybe part of the solution to low voter turnout is simply providing more options. Holding aside those voters who would prefer to vote via the Internet, in 2014 nearly half of all Utah voters said they prefer voting in person. In our study, we asked why. It turns out that these voters prefer in-person voting because it satisfies a sense of duty (64 percent), it is what they have always done (34 percent), because it is convenient (31 percent), and / or because it fosters a sense of community (26 percent).

Check out our website for more information on early voting and its effect on voter turnout, as well as other reforms that have been proposed to offer voters greater access to the polls.

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