News of the Weird (Voting Edition): Colorado Town Sues All its Voters in “Fatally Flawed” Election

cour case image

A small Colorado town has sued its residents, asking a judge to haul them into court to sort out what election officials there have called a “fatally flawed” election, according to the Denver Post.

No, really.

Here’s an excerpt:

“The matter of a town suing its voters began with a highly controversial election for mayor and town board. It was held April Fools’ Day. In a town of 65 residents where a draw for a short straw used to decide who had to serve as mayor, an unprecedented dozen candidates ran for office. The hot-button issue that led to this kind of participation involved second-home owners. New Montezuma Mayor Lesley Davis, who was elected by a three-vote margin, claimed that 13 of the voters and at least two of the candidates were not really residents of the town.

The lawsuit states that an investigation by the Summit County district attorney’s office found that at least five voters were not qualified to vote because they weren’t residents.

The lawsuit also cites a number of mistakes in the ballots, including the fact that there were no removable stubs to protect the anonymity of the voters. To try to rectify that, town Clerk Helen Moorman sewed stubs to the ballots but didn’t realize the ballots still contained numbers that gave away voters’ identities.”

To read the entire story, click here.

The news also was picked up by Fox NewsU.S. News & World Report and more.



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