Access to the Polls: The 16 States That Have Made it Easier to Vote


In a recent editorial, the New York Times wrote that, despite high-profile cases of state laws that restrict access to the polls, 16 states have recently enacted legislation or systems that made it easier for their residents to cast their ballots.

While one of the Keystone State’s neighbors, West Virginia, made the list for its online voter registration system, and another, Maryland was lauded for allowing same-day registration during early voting (which was expanded from six to eight days), Pennsylvania was not among the states lauded in the piece.

The other states? The ones with the restrictions? Here’s what the New York Times had to say:

“In all cases, these restrictions will make it harder for minorities and the poor to vote, which is the point, since proponents of such laws are trying to reduce the turnout of probable Democratic voters. A study last year by researchers at the University of Massachusetts, Boston, found that states with a higher minority turnout were more likely to limit voting, and that the number of restrictions is related to the proportion of Republicans in power in a state.”

To read the entire piece, click here.

The editorial relied heavily on analysis by the Brennan Center for Justice, which mapped out voting laws by state. To read that report, click here.





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