Report: Dark Money Groups Pouring Money Into Most Competitive House Races


The Brennan Center for Justice last week issued a report analyzing election spending so far this year.

Among other things, the nonpartisan nonprofit’s report indicated “the vast majority of this spending has come from dark money sources, which do not reveal some or all of their original funders, and second, large amounts are coming from single-candidate super PACs, which can offer big donors a way of evading federal contribution limits.”

It also revealed that independent outside spending accounted for a “chunk” of the spending in 13 toss-up races U.S. House races, and that 86 percent of total outside spending in those races is coming from dark money groups that keep some or, in some cases, all of their donors’ identities hidden.

The authors of the report wrote:

Our analysis covers all candidates who raised more than $200,000 in primary or general elections in the 13 most competitive House districts.[1] We used FEC data collected by the Center for Responsive Politics to examine candidate spending through the end of the second quarter, as well as data from the Sunlight Foundation to examine outside spending for the same period. While our first quarter analysis focused on races where the candidates had together raised more than $2 million, here we focus on an entirely different sample: races in districts where the general election is likely to be highly competitive.

To read the entire report, click here.

To learn more about so-called “dark money,” as well as the DISCLOSE Act of 2014 – a bill proponents say will crack down on it by requiring organizations that spend money to influence elections to disclose their spending – click here.


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